Testosterone & Fertility

There is immense pressure put on men to excel, the ‘alpha’ man is full of drive, ambition, confidence, energy, ability and is ready and willing to compete and win. These male traits are born from healthy levels of the hormone testosterone, which is also responsible for a man’s reproductive potency and virility.

Modern Man

However, the stresses and strains of modern life can impact on testosterone levels often causing them to fall short. Financial worries, unrealistic work targets, a relentless work schedule, long working days, long commute, frequent long-haul travel, drinking too much beer and relationship issues can leave a modern man feeling flat and deflated. Ongoing stress slowly chips away at testosterone levels and this has a profound effect on your fertility status often resulting in a low sperm count compiled of sperm that are slow (poor motility) and unable to swim in the right direction (poor mobility).

Back Into Balance

Finding ways to unburden your schedule and address your work-life balance can go a long way in restoring your energy and vitality but getting testosterone levels restored can help your feel back in the driving seat. Zinc is a very important mineral for male health and there are many studies that have shown zinc supplementation to be of great benefit for health issues related to low testosterone such as to low sperm count, male patterned baldness and low libido.

Boosting Fertility

Zinc is important for healthy sperm because it helps ensure that the sperm are of sound structure and able to carry the best quality genetic material. Without adequate zinc levels the genetic material can become scrambled and the sperm are of poor quality or ‘form’ which contributes to fertility issues such as difficulty conceiving.

The Power Of Omega 3

The omega-3 fats found in Cleanmarine products are also invaluable in helping restore testosterone levels and there is an important link to sperm health and fertility too; the omega-3 fats are actually also important for sperm formation. In fact studies have show that infertile men have lower levels of these omega-3 fats in their sperm than men with healthy sperm levels. Sperm contain good levels of omega-3 oils are considered to by very healthy, strong and flexible - all good qualities needed for the long arduous journey that they need to endure.

Cleanmarine for Men contains phospholipid omega 3 and zinc in a unique combo formula designed to help support testosterone levels, healthy sperm formation and fertility status.