Our nutritional demands are never greater than during the phases of life in which we are growing.

Newborn babies, toddlers, children and teenagers going through a ‘growth spurt’ have incredibly high rates of growth which need to be matched with diets that are rich in nutrients to support this growth and supplements can be a welcomed addition during these life phases.

During these formative years the brain has much to get to grips with and as school starts the cogs of learning, language, memory recall, speech and behaviour all start to turn. Omega 3 fats play an important role in helping all of these areas of brain development to light up. Young kids in particular need omega 3 in their diets to help the brain and nervous system develop correctly. However these essential fats are found in oily fish, a food which many children struggle to eat because of the strong flavour.

So making sure your child eats a balanced diet and gets enough omega 3 every day can be quite a challenge, especially with fussy little eaters!

Luckily Cleanmarine comes in both liquid and kid’s sized capsules both of which contain omega 3 wrapped up in a layer of ‘phospholipids’ which make it especially potent due to it’s easy absorption and speedy effectiveness, even when taking lower levels compared to fish oils. Taken daily, this will ensure your little ones get the omega 3 goodness they need but without the dinner table drama.

There are several studies indicating that children who supplement with omega 3 oils and the mineral zinc can experience positive changes in behaviour, IQ, focus and learning ability. Taken daily the omega 3 in krill oil helps boost memory and concentration levels. The kids sized capsules are ideal for fussy eaters and those that don’t like the unpleasant fishy burps associated with fish oils.