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Should Women Weight Train?

The popularity of weight training in women has increased dramatically as more and more of us are beginning to understand the real benefits. If you are wondering if women should weight train, then read on...

Everything You Need To Know About Your BMR

If you start to delve into the worlds of fitness and nutrition, you can start to come across some confusing term and ideas. If you've ever wondered what your Basal Metabolic Rate is then here is a rundown... 

Top 8 Documentaries To Inspire And Educate

If you find yourself with time on your hands but have run out of series to binge, then why not mix things up and watch some documentaries? Here are some of our recent favourites...

Simple Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Morning

The beginning of your day should typically be productive and enjoyable and should be considered the most vital part of the day. Bad morning habits can be very counterproductive and won’t set you up properly for the day ahead. Here's some of out top tips for a good morning...

Can Mindfulness Make Your Running More Effective?

Running can help to burn calories, build bone strength, reduce anxiety amongst other health benefits. But recently there has been an increase in popularity in practising mindfulness while running; read our latest blog to find out why.

The Link Between Happiness and Physical Activity?

For some people, the thought of stepping inside a gym feels utterly foreign, never mind the idea that sweating buckets and the muscle soreness (DOMS) the next day will make you happier. If exercise is not a big part of your life, then you probably haven't considered that exercise can make you happier. Well, it’s true, it could.