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Courgette Cannelloni with Lemon Ricotta

This courgette cannelloni is simple yet effective with a fresh tomato salsa, Udos lemon Ricotta and fresh herbs. A wonderful summer treat for lunch! 

Smoked Rosemary Potatoes with Fermented Hot Sauce & Sour Cream

These potatoes always go down a treat for friends and family with a Peruvian inspired spice rub, plus they  are so simple to make! Made totally moorish and tantalisingly tasty with our Udos sour cream and salsa!  

Chia Pudding, Fermented Fruit & Coriander Granola

Chia pudding is a great breakfast staple, as a source of plant-based omegas and a great way to hydrate.  Chia seeds prepared in this way are good for your gut and in this recipe the fermented fruit adds a probiotic boost with the granola adding that all important crunch. 

Udos Probiotic Smoothies

These probiotic smoothies are a wonderful way to start the day and depending on your mood or the seasonal fruits you have available, enjoy bright and tasty ways to enjoy Udo’s probiotics in a different way. 

Udo’s Cultured Cashews Yoghurt

Udo’s probiotics are a great source of good bacteria that can be used to naturally ferment foods. This cultured yoghurt is a great example of how to use them to make this delicious creamy plant-based yoghurt  that can be used in so many ways. 

Festive Mushroom Tonic

This is a cosy drink for a cool winters night with adaptogenic mushrooms, spices and a shot of coffee. Enjoy with a plant based mince pie on a festive day.