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Black Forest Cherry CBD Pot

A rich and chocolatey pot topped with tart cherries and laced with CBD, that brings a smile to and winters day.

Beetroot Salad with Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Tahini plus a Herb + CBD Gremolata

This is a delicious winter salad laced with medicinal mushrooms and CBD, a fabulous festive starter or a lovely light lunch.

Reishi + CBD Chocolate Bark with Fruits & Seeds

MAKES  250g chocolate PREP TIME 2 hours This chocolate bark is the perfect festive gift or seasonal treat. Packed with...

Black Forest Gateaux with Hidden Magic

This is a celebration cake where you will discover a variety of potent plants inside this fluffy sponge with rick chocolatey icing.

Lions Mane Mushroom Porridge

The perfect comforting bowl on a cold day. This creamy porridge is packed with medicinal mushrooms and topped with cherry jam and seed butter for a super satisfying start to the morning.

Tie Dye Mushroom Smoothies

These mushroom smoothies are here to bring balance while the seasons change. Each one can be adapted to you mushroom of choice to balance, sooth or bring energy to your day.